Friday, 2 January 2015

Has the MAN given up the fight?

I got to think about this picture from Vietnamm. We hit them hard because they were communists. I would give you a handful of communist as a better plan than the one finger of the capitalist man.

There is no narritive that can disguise that the Vietnamm war was a massive disguise. We had so many men and women that died so viantly for an absolute lie. Do not believe me look at the world today
Yep all those men an women died for no reason expet if they had
not done it with the draft they would have found pistols.

Has the MAN just realized
the village he torched to save it
could be his home?

Talk about interconectd
we can not blow away a wedding 
party in Afganistian
without knowning
some of the guests

So many bullets
so little advance
is this not the time for truth
love you can not 
start it like a car
you cant kill it
with a gun.

The really big brains
the ones with all the knowledge
work for the pea brains
getting paid
for working the planet
for a future that means
fuck all

Now today we see a paridgm shift
every one who is anyone including the Pope
is saying
we are fucked believe in pets in heaven.

The masters of the universe are swinging around
they are frankly tired of the maintance costs on their
private jets and the snowplowing costs in Aspen when 
the unpredicable weather choses
to make a two meter dump
on their playground

There are stages to civilization
we were at one time all big
swinging dicks
who thought what we knew
was only what we saw
and observed
and the ones that 
came to lead us
were the best of the rest
that could handle this concept
and still swing a sword
in a way that was absurd.

Big Swinging dicks
now rule the world
I observe.

But they are no longer tested
in combat
this the only clause 
in their trust fund
they will observe

I am outraged 
no I mean it 
really pissed of
to realize
that the Walmart heirs
are not satisfied
with soul stripping
little towns
in their beautifal game
that gives us a place 
to shop with real efficeny today.

There is a real world we all live in
the Native Americans have for this
a name,

So between real world wage slavery and Native American imagination
there is a place
we could realy tell 
our chidren
whne they ask\
is the world sane?

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