Monday, 5 January 2015

Great Fantastic Individuals not goverend by laws

That what you see today week one of 2015. The oil barons those smart men who where born on top of and inherited land borner by oil. 

What happened late 2014 and continuts in to today is that they just could not leave any money on the table like bad Capitan Kirk. They were so rich they just broke all the money rules and in a single stroke of relivity went totally beserk. To a normal man or woeman lowering the price of their wares by such an amount would be reason for the family to have them committed. Yet the oil barons those smartest oily men in the room beam from TV. I do not have anything approaching a Billion dollars anywhere let alone in a handful of countries.
So lets give individuals there due. Adam Smith is commanding them, on Acid to do what they do.

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