Monday, 5 January 2015

Bill Cosby is an Animal

Just like you and me
he lusts after the opposite sex
and maybe he felt he had
reached a position where
he could get it
white or powerful
like a Sultan or a King

Harem we got no harem
nothing to see here more

Bill Cosby may or not be
one of the worst sexual predators
in Entertainment history.

I am not giving him much doubt.
But in the real world its total hypocrisy.
What if Bill wanted a little tail
but did not have state troopers
in tow
to troll a hundred through
a parking lot?

Wake up people we have Kings in this world
with a hundred wives
most married at 12 or 13.
Yeah lets celebrate them
they just brought the price of 
gas down to under two bucks
a gallon.

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