Sunday, 18 January 2015

American Sniper lights up a target rich Giant Squid

If you love American Sniper
I got to tell you
right now
your understanding
of the world
is Dick. (Dick Nixon edition)

A righteous man or army
comes to your town
are you going to 
salute or fight back?

And by the way America
lost the war in Iraq
by a Superbowl blowout
so put that epoch
on the statue 
for the vets of
on your lawn

American Sniper projects
unlimited power at the viewer
but the fact is
America can not control
Ferguson Missouri
let alone Iraq

America needs dumbfucks like Kyle
and they breed them every day
raised on Honey Boo Boo
and Judge Judy
they will stand up
when the call
for heroes
is the only thing
on the tray
of a menu 
that should be way more diverse
and solve problems where
force projection is always the 
first option and can do no worse.

Taking out Saddam and Khadfi Duck
both brilliant moves
getting down on the ground
and trying to direct the chaos
losing lites

Sooner or later the rubber hits the road
and its way cheaper than bullets
to inform
we got these things called I pads
lets drop them along with sanitary
napkins if we really want to get 
the people onside.

Divide and conquer is a strategy
not even written in Chinese
Make no mistake all patriots
this is what is going on
big time

If the Illuminati finally achieve the goal
of taking over the world
there are only two obstacles
China and Russia

I dont know what I should
fear worse
China, Russia or the Illuminati?

Competition my son
keeps us on our toes
and delivering the things
humans need
for all time


  1. The American Military has to approve a movie script first before it lends out its machinery on the big screen. So basically if they don't think a movie will increase Army registration it wont have its hardware seen in that movie.

  2. Hi Sitha, thats true but this movie went over the line for reasons unknown?
    The most shameless part of the movie is the briefing where they talk about Al Queda in Iraq. There was no Al Queda in Iraq prior to the invasion. Hundreds of millions of Americans are now having the big lie reinforced. Closing their minds to the idea of peaceful co existance. Was that an accident?