Tuesday, 13 January 2015

American Combat Movies

Every time I think about a claymore
its a green block of mass mayhem
going off
with a click
from a human
but in the future
it will be a drone

Why is this claymore called thus
is it a fantastic anagram
did someone over the age
of ten imagine death
in clay where they
where no more

William Wallace I guess
but it could have been 
before him favoured this weapon
a sword if you want to dismiss
all the small things around 
the margin of what we understand
compared to combat
where life on the line
some tech works
better overall

A claymore is a sword 
wielded well by the Scottish tribe
a branch of the Celts that 
could be considered 
most famous.

Ye do nota have to read
the book
Scotts invented pretty 
well everything
and its no mistake
that in Star Trek
Scotty was the chief engineer

Today we look at that and
how racist
in Africa we
have way more engineers
than Scotland

Not going to touch that

We all have warriors
in our cherished past
sample a bit of Vikings
the corporate series
about Rangar Lothbroke
who today is 
my greatest hero

I do not care about 
how he killed
and killed often
and for sure made
lots of bad judgements
displayed in blood

What I see is a simple man
with no education
no direction
and only knowing 
he had to kill upward
to advance
taking a pauser
when he reached the top
I am not a God
I am not the son of God
I am not someone God cares about especially
I am only a human 
doing monkey things 
on this spaceship
and hopefully
I do not get near the HVAC
because its complicated.

So long to get to point
if I was a Sniper no 
way I could take out
a subject of interest 
or a really bad guy
past two thousand yards

If we have leaned one thing
from the movies about life
on this planet
its that there is always 
competition no matter
how skilled one 
might be
at superstition

American Sniper
just the title gives me
a little piss
Sure its the US
who is doing and absorbing
the worst
in trying to keep us free

Keep me free baby
do not let Osma
make me one of 
his wives
Thats the level
upon which the world operates

No darling your fat and ugly
and Osama would not fuck you
with George Bushes dick

I do not want to upset
fat and ugly people
in any way

Its pretty clear we live every day
beside fat ugly people
with liberal bromides

If no one is paying attention 
thats what the Hunger Games
was all about.

We live a life today
full of incredible luxury
what few realise is how
skilled the workers of the
truly rich have been on our side

There is a breaking point
where the dreams of the family
intersect with the death ray

Right now I promise
I will return to the title
American Combat Movies
are the closest humans 
will get in production values
to the one above.

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