Monday, 29 December 2014

Interstellar dreams telling me

Gravity in which we all believe
thank goodness there is one thing
we can agree upon
as for the rest its
the planet open to
be exploited 
by the best spokesman
not spokesperson
because when you 
want real facts
science has proven
men never listen to a women

Keep up on your Morse code people
In Executive action it saved 
us from a worse than 911 Event

In Interstellar it saves humanity
Just watch and learn about science
and why we live today
in relative modernity

How can a scientist explain ISIS
or so many jumbled similar forces
there is no math that applies
to mans irrational mind
a mind focused overall on 
one thing

Very recently rulers 
would agree that God
had chosen them to lead
and therefore all there
actions were infallible

So many of these Zealots died
or were put away after 1918
the believers had to make a 
new play.
But does anyone believe
at the heart level
our current leaders do
not believe at the highest level
they are Gods will?

This is were religion becomes a problem
I thank in Hockey terms because for true fans 
it is a fundamentalist religion.

To a man who has never seen writing
learning to read is a magical thing
Its this magic that ever leader we 
ever had depended upon, to lead.

Whats harder than herding Cats?
Yeah humans and that's why 
they seek them out so often on the Internet
Cats never surrendered to religion or anything
they prefer to be cats.

Cats like food. If there is anyway to motivate a cat
its with food. Flashback between needing food and Interstellar
There is no more food, well this is something that will get
the cats off the couch and co ordinated. Cats without food are so

What if the most famous NAZI scientist you never heard of
specialised in herding Cats. Gobbles created Madison avenue with his
tricks.  Yet this master of reality was always frustrated at herding cats.

Well that barrier has been broken in our century. Eureka!

Yes humans take comfort in that fact
we can now herd cats
so be optomistic about the future
that achievement proves
humankind can do anything
just like Interstellar.

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