Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Why the Jebber will run in 2016

The Jebber is in the hunt
his nose smells defeat
but his heart is beating
like a playoff team
once the play starts
no one know the outcome
the mighty fall
and all those that jumped off
the wagon long ago
emerge from the sidelines
beating the drum

The Banana Republicans
face some tough choices
during the nomination
full nutty Cruze
pork laden Christie
libertarian to a fault Rand
pretty boy Hispanic pretty boy
whose name in this rant about entitlement
is not worth explaining
or a Tran regional WASP
with special commando political future training
picked a spouse
made in Mexico.
If this marriage was not arranged
I will loose my faith
in my abilty 
to explain

The Jebber is going to win
but why is he there
the truth hurts
for most scions of
world influence
great power and prestige
there is no other choice
What the fuck is he going
to do, manage a bank like
Take down the two towers
like Randy?
Destroy the world economy and
set the whole world into endless war
like W?
No Jebber has no choice but to stay
the course
and whip out the rolodex
and just hope America
can not remember the access.

The irony is if he wins
he drinks from the poisoned
chalice forged long ago
when Preston thought
the Nazi way
was go.

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