Sunday, 9 November 2014

We are bored

Rich, famous, poor and destitute. We are bored out of our minds because there are really no more questions to be answered.  We know no matter what the questions that have twarted us for centuries are all now on a path of revelation.
How else can you explain the Pope being a fan of the Big Bang Theory.

What to do with this fucking boredom. Travel is in but if you have traveled its more pain in the as than pleasure. I could do the same things at home with a bottle of wine if you know what I mean. ABC means in Euro travel speak another bloody castle. I never in my lifetime want to spend time and money to see a bunch of assembled stones. If you must see a castle go to Japan, they have fairy tale castles that defy bricks and mortar. The beach is great mate,  until you get skin cancer. The only way to relieve bordom is great entertiament. That is a diminishing resouce.

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