Saturday, 15 November 2014

Thinkingaboot Putin

I lived in Austria as an immigrant for seven years. Austria is like a jewel and the people do not understand why they should not import flaws. Austrians live life at a very high standard. You can drive on their highways free of idiots. You have very few people on social assistance. Why would they want cultural diversity?  I admire greatly Austria. I support the people saying we do not swallow your diversity lie. Diversity is a mechanism to allow us all to get along. But if you are a first class team do you want to bring in a boatload of passengers who history has explained will contribute nothing at the top level?

We do not all have to live together is the weak link is not there.  The most successful societies on this world have few passengers and are totally racist.
That's a fact. I believe in Pareto's ratio.  Any problem is going to have 20% waste as part of the solution, If the drag is greater than than you have to look for more efficiency. This law is universal and can apply to Africa and the Middle East and everywhere humans live as animals. Humans living as animals should set off some kind of alarm. We have to fix this. We have the power but can not use it due to political correctness. The UN should be empowered to move in and improve the world. Instead the UN funds monkey brains that offend. That said the UN is the only hope we have, and most smart people have realized. People who elect child molesters over and over.

As a immigrant to Austria who did recieve some racist punts, I can say it 
may be the best country in the world today. They have all this old school thing about friends. They do, do do. Everything in the world would be cured if we lived like Austria, Plust the Skiing is great but not as good as Canada.

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