Saturday, 22 November 2014

Thinkingaboot energy and the economy defined by Ecomics which was born by statistics

The world we inhabit is a massive fucking lie
Its starts with Santa Clause and the tooth fairy
and goes downhill from there

We fight and die and do horrible things in
the name of God
or so we believe
but the truth is
there is no God
at least not one we
yet understand
every religion is a lie
created by a very smart man

The tells are there no matter what
when Gods will and mans collide
you know that for man
it was just one side

Like a pack of wolves men
stalk the earth
Notice I said men
because in nature
they at the end of the day
will kill without remorse
and if one of a hundred
is their spouse its the law
of nature
do not blame the tiger
for having stripes.

Men needed some kind
of touchstone
for which they could
have a touchdown
and thus  I really believe
in Moses
came forward
and said
the NFL is exempt
from the non  complete clause
this monopoly is not one
according to God

Right now today
in the twenty first century
we live on a big RV
going long on journey
but looking short on
Are we such dinasours
we can not see
that this planet
does not give
a fuck aboot
who lives here?

We would do well
to know that
James Cameroon
is a Physicst
that makes movies
and Pandora is earth
with CGI.

We humans got the best thing ever going
why fuck it up over silverback tensions?
Why people be stupid and tribal
when the big picture escapes you?
This is a beautiful world with room for
all we need is a Swiss run Hotel.

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  1. Ecomics as a placeholder for Economics. Yeah I got that!