Friday, 28 November 2014

The contiunig war on Vaccines and Sciene

I say this is no accident. For all of human history science has been worshiped. Now our leaders wish to destory it. Who is being manipulated. The drug plan for humanity is all Phipick K Dick,  Drug them up an they will not complian. With enough visual and aural stimulation they will be paws in your game.
Hey always as it everwas
but what is the plan
I got a big screen TV
under the Dick
will I get PHV
under the latest 

1 comment:

  1. When you say 'war on science' I read you loud and clear...but vaccines are another topic. What makes sense about mandating an unprecedented regime of many injections on kids ? Vaccines were always thought dangerous enough to need respect when using them and use them to deal with high risk situations- not to be treated like candy for everyone. You can't say something is safe when it has not been done before !
    Phil Dick was neat - but the plan for overstimulation was laid out much earlier in Brave New World by Dr. Aldous Huxley.