Thursday, 13 November 2014

The 100

I don't know if it was inspired by the 300, but this CW series aimed at the Kardashian crowd has grown on me like Kim's butt has grown on the Internet.  Hunger Games et all have to be making an impact. The movie that turned on my social conscience, that freed me from my lizard brain 
was Billy Jack. A very corny B movie with no stars changed a generation of baby boomers from fascists to socialist. One tin soldier rode away. It should be mentioned the effect was super duper warp speed energised by the fight for freedom in Vietnam. I fear that for  the Utes of today war is just PlayStation for those who leave the basement? All glory no guts! People should have real anger at the way the world is today. But its not the Muslims fault, its not the Russians fault. This is proved 24/7 in Germany. Its your fault and my fault for not Thinkingaboot your vote.

 There are a lot of people dying in conflict in this world. I worry that we are so desensitised, polarised and advertised that the real horror the generations that knew and understood war are lost today in the fascination with Kim Kardashians butt. If Kim Kardashians butt falls into the wrong hands it could lead to Nuclear war. Fortunately at the moment its in the hands of an idiot.

Good TV today is like the first testament. Dramatic unbelievable stories that serve as teaching moments. The Wire set the standard. Every cop and Republican in America should have to watch the Wire and then pass a test or be flunked out of humanity. 

Boardwalk Empire was another searing look at history. The confluence of crime, power and politics should have taught us something. We are way past Star Trek and other groundbreaking entertainment that fantasise about perfect Earth vs bad universe.  No the creators today have with the same proportion as climate change scientist declared we have seen the enemy and its us. Thinkaboot it!

Will the utes make the connection between Kim's bum and a fascist intervention? As Gobbels said " if you trust us as you should, in the near future you can all have Kim's butt"

* Did I mention Game of Thrones? No it was so obvious.


  1. Why is it all the great creators of content in the late 20th century and the new 21st Century are all socialists? Maybe they are not narracists and have traveled to Germany?

  2. I heard the 100 is a very teen drama sort of thing, but that it's good too. I'll have to check it out

    ETA my "word" verification was 2001. For a sci-fi comment. freaky!