Saturday, 8 November 2014

Steve Leads

Yes, yes  I do
we need some king of
burgermisters to keep us
but over thousands
of years the capaitalist system
has been fantastically intact
no one is going to attack
a hot dog stand
that has absored
four hundred year
an todays gmo
and some how
remaind intact
If this was an
action movie
the dead would
be resurected
with a soy adiditive
My people and they are few
and right to have that opinion
for we now live in a world
where even the biggest
scientifict exeri,mpte
would be branded untrue.
So as we hop between the
campfires realisezint
the uS MIitary
was more windshield
that in any event
would come true,

 Been there done that.
I fearMuslimes no
wake up Zombies
in this world we are left
and when they do not
reconcnoae th3 sotiqtom
6t9wq w  crash landing
we can all
just acknowlege
it was not our

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