Sunday, 9 November 2014

Science Fiction can not hold a candle to the now day things that are real

I walked out of the house in 1977
a high school graduate
with my backpack
in this mess along
with my bong
were books 
that I thought
would help 
me make the 
great right cross
from dependent
to salary bring
and fifty years
later and a world of experience
I am still paralzed
the obious choices
and the dark
that might
bring a thought
or a code
to the world
as something
to behold.

If I had known in
that advertising would
rule the world
I might have 
done something
to bring more bling
but at that time
I would have vomited
and stuck with a path
to make real money.

Real Money 
I do not understand
creation of capital
seems to me
completely magical
and that is our 

We are working for
and dependent upon
a army of ecomonists
and financial gure
who have no 
clue exept buy and sell
and the invisible hand
that jacks off
every quarter
spreading the fund
up or down'
with a positive spray.

I got a full blast of
economics and market 
trend right in the face
I used to know Nortel

Nortel collapsed my future
in  very real way.
It amplified my Navity
like a Christ scence.

It wounded me to the point
I can not play the game
FUck Nortel and the American
who blew up this tent.
Was he CIA or just working
In any event it was a prortent.

Now we see the Cisco is being consumed
by the Chinese Huway.
A shark consumed by one
for a second
it looks like
no human will

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  1. Jack Ma is a rock star! Friend or foe I do not know.