Friday, 28 November 2014

Ruled by Children we are bad parents whats your exucse

If you really get down with the Chinese the Japanase or Koreans, you will see a bunch of suits behaving like Bugsy Malone. The leadership is not mature. The leadership is medival. Yet they are ploughing the thougthfull world underground.
Its simple they understand the lizard brian and the Emperour is to usefull
to make you do something you would never do
but as a result feel usefull
to do what you do

Asia is a enigma to some
but not to me
its children
practicing democracy

to rule men and sometime women
is a great skill
a skill that has
been practiced for six thousand years in Asia.

I see in the slanty eyed sloped foreheads world
a laughter when the USA thinks Obama leads the world
Whats wrong with slanty eyes or sloped forehead
nothing. This is on par with nappy hair as a concern
when your existince is being evaluated
by children in short pants
who do do do in their pants
because they never learned
to do it otherwise
blame me because
we have lots of servents.

We are always spinning on a globe
where we land is 
but not where we stand.

If the world could be manged
like a science project
we could live in utopia.

This may be possible in the future
when the powers that be
realize that humanity
has no borders
no constriants
we just need 
the particpants
to keep pace,.

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