Saturday, 8 November 2014

Post Malthus Interigation

How desensitised am I 
that I could care
less about the little
ice worms
squirming about
and sometimes
a goal from a shit
tell me why these
creatures should
be something upon 
which I will place 
or even better

The world as I know
it has blown up
and its not just
Its not just age
no its fundamentally
now for me Nihilism
is the key

Build your skyscrapers
in the sky
sell the aerial
rights to the Chinese
make me live
like an extra
from Bladerunner
fire me 
if I sneeze.

To what all end to you push
this stuff
this revolution 
of uneasy

well if you want the facts
as matter of fact
someone has determined
did not just have
a bi polar disease

Yep we are fucked
and soon the cull will
begin slow and natural
but soon the super sensitive
will believe
holy fuck the government is killing us
and when why question them
they no longer
make pretension

Yep the world is at an end
the humans in control think
they have this well explained
but how will they sleep 
when every one left 
will be seeking their pillow?

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