Tuesday, 4 November 2014

No Filter vs Insane

I got no filter so am I insane
I see the truth and push
harder on the cystal to 
assay if it be a diamond
or just something made
in India with great skill
that for every practiacl
is the same deal.

History is moving way
to fast for the consumer
so they have to adpat
to patterns they may not
like but have to watch
HISTORY you stupid fucks
trying decide which facist 
will be your bride

Every man is an animial
but somehow we have managed
to rear ouselves onto legs
and stand up and scrutinize 
the world around us
and come to conclusion
that make questions so
difficlutl that God himseld
would have to reply
but he never does
and so we chip away.

If we find the answer
without dispute
to the big bang theory
will GOd
Say well done my children
you pass forward to the next gate of evolution
except for the bad lad
at big brother
no he will do his time
with his face
for eternity

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