Monday, 24 November 2014

JuJu lallapuzzle for me and a metaphor for the evil empire

I have shared many decades of my life with Korea. On the scale of fucked up but successful its number one. If your a man one of the first things you notice about Korea is how beautiful the people on the street that you meet are. Korea in my book is a great read.

Cheju Do as I knew it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. In Asia especially and the world in general, an unspoiled place is an anachromism. I could of posted my wonderful photos but  JUST Google.
My diaramism have no impact.

Despite the odds Ju Ju remained a pristine backwater. Surprise Surprise Surprise somebody somewhere noticed this beautiful place and decided what it really needed was a military base that would dispoil this little plot but the upside was it would be incredibley defended.

A navy base in Cheju do makes as much sense as a fortress occupyin Central Park. There have to be better ways to survive than bulldozing beauty and making fantastic places parinoid camps of concrete ideology.

Do not have any illusion when the army or defence establishment moves in the sphere of influnce surrounding any establishment becomes all in. An Army base is like a Casino for the neighbourhood, except there is not chance the base will ever lose when the army rolls the dice. Every population everywhere hates the US bases. Belive me or belive a bullshit dream.

The corrosive effect of the US  worldwide occupation is conterversial. No one will dispute its corrosive. When we see an America increasingly ruled by the Tea Party or religious zeloats is it not time to say. Hey Hey Hey America go away.
I have no doubt many time America saved the world. However this does not mean they own it.

The occupation of Cheju Do is proof the American Military Industrial Complex is out of control and needs some common sense reigning in.

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