Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Its Hard to be a leader when your white in a multicutural world

If West was white he 
might be in his parents basemetth labs
hoping the job at Mcdonalds came through

We got lots of problems in the white world
for one
we are not reproducing
the birthrate for
white people around the globe
is almost half the replacement value
are we so ashamed of ourselves
we think we
shoud not exist?

White people are 
facing the trash can 
of history
We have no mo
we exist in the past
and everything we
did was bad
and approiaplty
will not last

My children are
probably the last
of white people
and that is something
the world knows
thats why GIA
has given us global
war on white people
and toe tags as well
for Jews
I know some white ones
but are they not mostly

The fact of the matter 
the fucking fact of the matter
the simple fucking fact
is that there is a food chain

Why this exists 
I do not know
maybe it was a accident
or maybe it was
a test of God
or maybe
some God child
The fact of the matter
is that I believe
right here right now
I exist

I believe if i do certian measures
my childen will survive
I hope if I do other ones
they will prosper

If the globe could get together
behind the concept of I am
happy to be alive
we  could do great things
if all the human resources 
could be applied

The wealth is there
what we lack 
is a channel to distribute
were the pipe does not 
pick up all the gold
and when it gets to the people
they are crowed around trucks
stipped of all human dignigaty
struggling to be fed,.

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