Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Humans do such magnificant things
this should be our first place
do not bomb
the human race!

Terrorism is just a vine
criminals need to be
brought to justice
and if they gather
in one place
a drone attack is devine

But for the wedding gueast
they will react like you or
I am goig kill that drone pilot
come hell or hell weather
this fucker will pay.

Yep  we are going eye for an eye.
We proved this did not work
at home but internatial
we got a big gun
and nobody
will smile when
they see its deploymet

Just ask yourself something
if you demad freedom at home
why is the US militaruy
living in  quarter million
places long away from home.

They I know first hand
are not promoting freedom
or elections
what are they doing
spending our tax dollars
to promate insecuiry.

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