Saturday, 22 November 2014

Gravity Flows of Human Nature

Once upon a time Government
meant something
it was an organisation
which had at its
a will to benefit 
you and me
regardless of pedigree

Today its all spun around
pedigree rules
and the general population
needs to be ruled
fortunately it turns
out the holi poli
really are fools

Once only governments
could compete with 
complete nonsense
but today
can piss in your ear
with the same force
and at the end of the day
leave citizens
with absolutely
no recourse

The powers that be
know damm
well this 
is a torrent of frustration
that will
over time
any dam
no matter 
how well
it was made
you can not stop 
water when it
knows the sea
has been made

I submit the powers
that be are 
fomenting revolution
to escape the debt
they will zero 
in and eliminate
the mouth breathers
and live on the world
that climate change 

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