Monday, 24 November 2014

Good Sound!

The modern one have it in spades.
Could not somebody somewhere
make the Beatles sound so hard
I image that in the days to come
we will see a reissue of the great
bands with modern sound.

So is this music or just manipulation
I say if it sounds good
take to the street
to keep some kind
of integrigty
with the people 
on the streets

We all know now
there are no leaders
only parking meters
its impossible for 
a single humann
to inspire us all.

Yet we all live
in some kind of collective
Be it Norway or Alberta
you salute the state
every day.

So how is humanity going
to breakthrough
to the golden plane
where we all exist anty
no one is there to 
screw up our schedules
by some complain.

Look people facist structures
are easy to assemble
and most stress tests
will tell you
they are solid.

A perfect socity built by
the builders who only want that
It turns out the NAZI where not 
something we could contemplate
but everyday we follow thier plan
what some at the top refuse it reconzise
is that life is a struggle and 
no goverment is going to make this right
without a revolution
try thinkng about how rich we are
and how all those trappings are
so unimportant
and you have a model that may
save us.
But  based upon preceding civilation collapse
the odds are not with us.

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