Friday, 28 November 2014

Evil no more Eviel

Eviel does not exist. Its just the actions of bad people. In the defence of Evil I just want to say society keeps beyond some understanding of comprhesion creating senarios where  never detected before 1964, evil exists. It comming for you my friend and be afraid. If you shoot your wife and kids as a mistake your a time warriror. Every day accoss the world and in the US A in gerneral people so pariond shot thier love ones as a mistake. I axe you now stupid peple
is this the world we want to live in
whe5e we are so afaid of a singl\
miwSTQ3 we blast away
never rembering
our children
no matter\
are now a
bloddy mistake
that will drive
us madea
and keep gun
sales on the

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