Saturday, 15 November 2014

everthing is a scam

That is the light at the end of the day

for the invisible hand

and look at the weight
that opinion 
puts on all of us
I can not decide
and thats the reason 
the scammers trust 
they can bleed you
but like marvel comics
is there not a superhero
and that is goverment
but mostly they refuse 
to wear that suit
and the law of the jungle
penetrates our Shangri la
and we just go back
to jungle terms
and the world slows down
in the aspect 
of what we can do
with what we learned.

The native peopel
who I refer to as
hippies fleaing the
euuch brains of China setteled
what we call our lands
a millinaia before we
even understood 
whow glass flowed
through a sand.

Yes we are all messed up
and not civilized
but there are plans
out there from
the people that
lived in society
that died.

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