Saturday, 22 November 2014

Calling on the collective community that know Sauron

I read Lord of the Rings three times and I still do not know what Sauron was. But I know in Canada Steve Harper has all his best attributes on display daily.
The Harper Goverment is unique in Canadian History but Parrots a long tradidion in America of Goverment by the special interests above all. In Canada one might argue that even Mulroney who sold the country to Exxon would not have traveled completely down the republican road. No mystery with Harper, Gods will replaces science, personal responsibity replaces society. We can live so well behind big gates and spend the entire GDP on security to keep us safe, cause you know its God's will.

There are no bad people just bad systems. Now there are some people who are genuilly mentaly ill. But as a counter point I will say, they never revealed themselves in such an extent untill the lawyers paved the way. If you kill someone I do not care about your mental state. You ended a life and you should forever be a captive of the state. Kill someone for no good reason and we should have a prison north of forty mining uranium where you work the rest of your life. If the radioactive nature of your contribution means an early death, thank a just society.

Canadians know all the things I want to say. The big question mark is how our institutions and marginal citizens failed us.

Harper is cancer and in 2015 you hold the scalpel to cut it out!

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  1. Images of Sauron look to me like a flamming Vagina. Something I want but would never touch.