Sunday, 16 November 2014

advice for you life everyday(911 lies leading to action)

You should live it like
you want it
despite all the discourging 
things that naturaly come 
your way

One can never be happy
no matter what
this is the universal truth
we love and live
and have fabulouse times
but we are never happy
that is what drives
the human genome
we are at the heart 
a pissed off society
enjoying happy
as the icing on a cake

Could I talk to some
less intelligent beings
in our circustance
like dolphins and monkeys
and gorillias
or even the great hunters
the lions
I do not know what
advice they would spread
as I  cut there guts out
and on my mantle I 
put that head.

So I am stupid
no I am one
who is just frustrated
that the ORION
from 2001
was just a prop

What other beliefs 
and devlepments
put me in the same
arean with those
that think
Noah fled the ark.

1 comment:

  1. I just know nothing about flight and yet I comment about human trajectory, that is some extra grando blashomey.