Friday, 28 November 2014

A great darknes full of pilss

So major phama dictates
where the failed F35
will be deployed
and the dAMAGE
that will not be done
t0 the ememeuu
will end up in civl
lik e a clASS
action for idenifinyg
that in the next phase
will be seperated
from life
Thats harsh
but sometimes
killing people
proves we are smart.

What a bunch of bullocks
as the English would agree
killlng on man for purppose
brings down on you positon
the whole family tree.
These are not people from ferguson
they have not lost a single flawed soldier
they have lost a peice of humanity
which now the sun dictactes
the angle of the drone
that willl blow them

The drone did it
no a human
so no re come it
everday what
you might ackowlage\
no matter how smart
this is part of your

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