Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What is the price to be better, cause if we wanted we could pay it today

we have reached a point where even the best poll
can not hold up the tent
when non reality collapses
it is better than the real thing
because an imaginary hurt
is not going to change

Life today is so radical
yet when the princess
appears on the pages
of the Daily Mail
billons of people prey
for her child
are we silly or

Today we got all
these really smart
people capable of
solving everything
but with a cost
a cost the powers that be
say is not worthwhile
speaking through
their mouthpiece
for you and me.

I used to wonder
about the future
but to my surprise
I am glad to be alive
because it here
and now

There is really no
problem that humans
that a group of scientist
armed with today
can not move
off the blotter
of sacrosanct.

The only question
that exist today
is who will pay.

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