Monday, 15 September 2014


I just saw the headline
on the Huffington Post
what most of of us
post millions
should view as truth
and I say its toast

telling me what to think
is the equivalent of telling
me to play hockey
in a unflooded rink

The ice may be available
but when my skate
hits a rut
I will be thrown.

Canada my beloved country
faces its own Scottish referendum
cira 2015
do we want to more Germany
or anglo saxon
should we worship more Queen
or mother earth
do we have a single

History is more
than good stories
its our place on this earth
and I for one no matter
what my defects
do not want to work
my butt off
and pay taxes
to keep the Royals

How in any reality
of taxpayer relevance
can paying the Royals
to stay alive
be justified?

In Scotland today
this is the referendum
the east India company
and BP
have taken and taken
and never given back
and the Scots are
now asking in a referendum,
More than that would I
not be better off
if I controlled my own destiny
If England be Microsoft
why can I not choose Apple?

This referendum is big stuff
like the storming of the Bastille
with no bloodshed
no matter what side your on
its a revolution played out
with no shade
with no backyard allies
like the war on ISIS
this is the real deal
people taking tasks
into hand
and thinkingaboot
a new land
a land free of the English
mockery of democracy

If you have lived in a small village
with a pitiful town council
you will see
the perjuries trap
that is democracy

In China they were fed up
with being poor
they analyzed the system
and became the worlds greatest
communist entrapaneers

Like no one has noticed
we now buy all our goods
from a communist country
Hit me with a tear
and  I will rise
still stunned  
So all together
looking at Kim Kardasihan
Did she not die in a tunnel
I have no reference point
due to all the clutter of life
and its my most deepest wish
that it could be recycled
No way says history
we must as an individual
and a society re invent
cause that is the only way
we can be important.

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