Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Strain

I am a B movie affectionate. Ideas not worth a big investment. Yet look at the Night of the Living Dead. Is there a more infantile movie taken root in the twenty first century? Why is that? I have been thinkingaboot it and now will explain. The first edition was all about nuclear war and what mutations we would find on the driveway. Today the audience is much more sophisticated. Thats why we have a viseral fear now backed up by science that we are killing this planet.
Sure we can not destroy life easily but through simple acceleration of human 
activity we can eliminate our species.

Wrap your head around that batmann, and say holy fuck!
The guys and girls curing your cancer
and doing amazing science all along
the wall
you with will agree.

When these same people tell
you cutting your lawn with a two 
stroke is going to end mankind
get your scorn
and worse
maybe a coal black pickup
shooting out emissions
because the driver
has some kind of curse
of lack of intellect y
and they are rebel
and thats a combo 
more deadly than 
the worst influenza
its a human mind
without understanding
making itself great
by doing childish 
cause they don't believe
pollution is worse
than goverment
and the King James Version
was not a translate.

If you do not believe humanity
is in a great struggle
sip your latte

We are on a lifeboat
and have few choices
we adapt to the planet
or we will not survieve

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