Friday, 19 September 2014

Stop telling obvious inspirational self serving stories

Its like toilet humor, just grow up! I call for a constitutional amendment to protect us from the tearjerker. The last refuge of a filmmaker is to make a movie where people fall in love and one the partners dies in the end. Love Story the end. I am also done with Holocaust movies. Every one as part of a liberal education should watch at least three, Schindler's List, The Grey Zone and one of the thousand others. If that has not filled your boots with misery your sick.

We have enough real soul sucking calamities  in our lives, investments in higher production values to tell us life is a dance on a barbecue where you never know if it will be lit under your feet.Is an investment in psychological terror that makes one feel like meat.

It to meet the test of being a 1% chance its terrorism. Maybe Al Quada is funding romantic snuff movies. ISIS has certainly stepped up the competition for reality TV, I am sure the US will respond with a serial killers version of Big Brother or Survivor. I think it would be fantastic entertainment and true justice to put a gaggle of serial idiots in a cinematic environment and see who dies first. They could all legally agree, and the prize would be, a bullet to the head from you and me. This would eliminate my problem with capital punishment. The state should never kill, just like a parent should never hurt, because once certain lines have been crossed,  humans have logical dross. And thats the worn dental floss that holds our civilization together
and I have not made any prepper investments
but believe me now
and I will tell you later
I have my fingers crossed.

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