Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rob Ford has cancer

I see Rob as a spoiled brat who was really down to earth. He was a disaster for Toronto but he did win some battles that needed to be fought. I wish him all the best and hope we now know enough to save his life.

Toronto love it or hate it is the biggest asset Canada has.  Manage this well and Canada can be Singapore, Hong Kong, Wien and San Francisco combined.

The key is infrastructural and security. The lock is nubile minds willing to work.
The treasure is self evident if you walk the streets. Walk down the champs dilly aye and you do not wonder why real estate there is priced skyway.

Toronto needs to keep a low rent district to grow the next big throw.
People are increasingly irrelevant to produce some power to make a plant.
But so far what people can do is entertain other humans better than robots
and in the future that will be the single employable skill.

Are you entertaining Mr Mozart, your only fourteen years old I doubt you could persuade me.

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