Friday, 26 September 2014

Price of crude is dropping

We are now bombing ISIS oil producing facilities with extreme prejudice. No one has the freedom to lower the price of oil, or trade it for goats and cheese!

Nonsense scraps left behind when the main thought was produced.
Well its all connected by some thread. Masters of the Universe do not answer questions unless they are in dread. The best explanation of this con goverment is found in the Stargate series. Our current goverment is for sure composed of worshipers of Egyptian Gods from another universe. One thing they hate is commodity prices falling. A good Government would recognize this is a structural weakness in Canada and ameliorate. WE used to have such sensible folks and then those with an MBA from the GWB academy took over. Its pull every lever all the time. Its like monkeys seeking bananas when they know just one pull will give a reward. But just like the monkey this goverment never thought what next! God help us. What if he dont listen then what?

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