Thursday, 18 September 2014

Okay Stupid Dumb Fucks

You know who your are
you voted against
women having the vote
let alone the horrific record
of slavery that democratically
was certified as prime beef

Yes there are a near majority
of dumb fucks

We see this time and again
even in the 21st century
yeah we should all be in flying
cars and everyone on this earth
as a kid
should have an interface that
makes their future way beyond
mind control

As it exists today the struggle between
capitalism and communism is a 
landslide victory
for the commies
they do not mess around
they take any market
that interests them
and apply with capital
a winning vice

In the good old USA
and most nations that 
where just living in 
a friendly way
we are caught completely off guard
by ruthless old style emporium
who laugh at our democratic safe guards
The Chinese do not let a bird fly free
and I fear they will own 
you and me
with the complete co operation
of our capitalist industry.

Just wait for the first Enoch 
for  conformation.

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