Friday, 26 September 2014

looking at the world through the fog

Really we have never been in better shape has humans. The finance system is really fucked but that is the norm. If we ever get it right look out. Humans continue to climb to unbelievable heights of discovery and every day today is a thousand years in medieval times. Yes we continue with the asshole rule concept but every day more and more people realize they should not worship those communicative but still stinky farts.

ISIS are you serious. The USSR had a hundred thousand nukes pointed at us with a hair trigger, and ISSIS has a sharp knife.  I mean a knife some carbon steel that can hack a head off. Carbon Steel knives and bravo are blood in the sand when any serious military action comes. Its like me playing in the NHL. I will be exposed instantly and have to leave the game forever.

We are playing the wrong game in the middle east. Ignore the oil, ignore Islam
tell the young people with tablets dropped from above. You people are important to the human community and this is what we have so far discovered.

Should I die right now or say the truth. Islam is a piece of shit religion. Like Mormons or Catholics or Jews but somehow worse. God never spoke to no one on this earth. Behead me you motherfuckers, but it will make your fate worse.

Has anyone ever considered the squirrel we run over most days in our car
because they are not important enough in our world to be given automotive repere? Yes we are all on a bigger battlefield squirrels and our problem is we never see the thing big enough to run us over.

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