Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kaos Climate Change

To those who believe in man made climate change its as obvious to us as the fact that Christ had a virgin birth, disappeared for 30 years, and then rose from the dead.

We needed more Frank Luntz in our approach.  The best climate change denial argument I have heard is that we find evidence that the north and south extremes of our planet where once tropical. Yes that's true and at one time they were molten lava. Climate change alarmists are not denying the climate of the earth has changed many times over the billions of years of earths existence. What we are saying is that the climate change we are now experiencing has its roots in mans burning of fossil fuels. Author C Clark's Rendezvous with Rama series explained it as messing with Gods thermostat.  The result is chaotic climate in a closed environment.

My point is that we should have called it Kaos Climate Disruption, KCD.
What is the difference between KAOS and EXXON?

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