Monday, 22 September 2014

Jack Ma Asshole

No not really. No more than a hundred in the papers everyday in the USA.  The difference is that Jack Ma negotiated Niagara Falls without a barrel to make his mark.  China is boiling furnace and its so easy to get burned. What some would see as his ridiculous Tony Robbins or THE SECRET like advice I see as positive. Its like the potential NHL, NBA or NFL player. They all do exactly what Jack advises. He is just telling us we are all in the game to one extent or the other. In China this kind of behavior is magnified. We should celebrate Jack Ma. The world can not be populated by his kind. What worked for him if you followed it exactly will not make you a billionaire or even rich, but there is this chance.
However he exemplifies the superstars of business that get rich
exploiting our weakness. And I have to say what is a game for him is cannon fodder wasted existence for others. This is not his fault, and the best lesson from this story is to realize that. There are workarounds that can take effect, but we are not going down that tunnel intellectually
no one who has made there mark whats best practices. They are like greybacks guarding the soil. Dont care dont ask its my mountain and I rule it like welfare,

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