Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Harper lost in Space

 Canada a country
which many or most
 patriotic Canadians
 would proudly admit
stands for nothing
but good wishes

Our current Tea Party goverment
elected in the medieval
first past the post election
has lost its head
with the latest
space related visa
that make ones
brain scream with dread
at  the absolute of
six gravity stupidity.

Canada was privileged
to host such a prestigious
future building event
and we should be proud
to host the esteemed
international astronautical symposium

Space is thankfully in our history
a mostly non political place
All nation depend upon Russia right now
to get every astronaut from every nation
up and down.

The world built a hundred billion dollar
without wasting a cent
defending earths pencil driven boundaries
because that is the point
of the International Space Station
we all live on a very small
blue green and increasingly 
sand ball.

For Harper and company 
to throw their pitiful wrench
into the voyage of discovery
makes one wonder
just what makes
a conservative rich?

1 comment:

  1. What an insult to generations of Russian scientists. Ignorant yumpums. Check out these memoirs of Boris Chertok's.