Thursday, 25 September 2014

Elevator Logic

I think it was JP Morgan but I could be wrong in Rockerfeller, who said when the elevator operators are giving you stock tips the crash is self evident.

So know we have the wonderful distraction of ISIS. They are cumming to your bedroom and will fuck you harder than the usual Crack Hoe,
Routinely Americans protected by some or other amendment
slaughter a half dozen or more citizens
but this is just considered
life in the big city
When some man in black
says he will attack
we go def con four.

The New York City police
force could roll back ISIS in a week
with the stop and frisk

The mouse that roared
and we are going to
amplify that throaty
and claim victory
over the people
we vowed to protect
and bring democracy.

I still do not believe
ISIS is real
no they are a product
of an IKEA assembly
with advanced
psych ops.

Even the Khmer Rouge
were less bloodthirsty
and that's True Blood

My opinion which is
very well rooted
in the reality of
traveling the world
was informed
buy a recent discovery

Generation Kill
staring Eric
and the brother
of Burn Notice

We continue to try and paint
a masterpiece using brooms
instead of brushes
and just get frustrated over the mess
and bomb and bomb
to get a new canvas.

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  1. So generation Kill was a fantasy. You believe that?