Monday, 15 September 2014

Checking in

The worm turns slowly in my mind. But here is what I have been thinkingaboot things not new.

ZNation may not have got good reviews but I loved it. Its less highly produced but the premier introduced us to a world that will run with the Walking Dead.

Political wedge of the week. Justin should contrast Mr Harper's Rhetoric with reality but also put some price tags to the bullshit. Throwing money at the Ukraine is only a level above throwing money at Africa. The talking point all the MRE the US sent there recently are now for sale at the local market to the non connected. Justin should say we are going to take our 6 Billion a year aid budget and do some good. We are going to share embassy with Australia, we are going to admit dropping tears into a bucket is not a path to sustainability for either party. I am a plus fifty man. We have poured so many trillion dollars into the third world, but if I walk around there, its all sand. I feel sorry for the people who are really good and I will tell you, no one works harder than a poor person in Jamaica. All this money properly applied could do some real good.
The bottom line is that Canada is not a player and we should move our money accordingly.

If you are not watching it already check out Outlander. Its so well timed with the Scottish Ref that it can not be a co ink a dink.

On the Scottish ref I am all in yes. If the Scots had the self control Quebec has this would not have been an issue. I hate the anglo masters of the universe for fucking up our planet.

Rob Ford Doug Ford switcharoo. Thirty percent of the voting public
went along, its the stupid opinion
the right builds on

ISIS I maintain this is the greatest tail wagging the dog in History. Did you know the complete and I mean every single person now and forever of the White Hat Syrians was wiped out two days ago in a single explosion.
Do you think the funnel will lead to American boots on the ground? Ask Hillary. Hillary as president is Mitt Romney in drag.(that would make a great tweet)

We got Ebola. I wonder if this has been weaponized because this outbreak is different than the past thousand years, We got a vaccine that works but only have five vials. How convenient.

The Bees. Big arga in an ironic way as they depend upon pollination
are going nuclear at limits to their authority to disrupt the ecosystem
because science says there might be something there. Are our corporations really so stupid they do not recognize that every
time they challenge nature they lose. Worse still we have the blowback of all the compounds diffuse.

I am pissed off at cops I have never met
in the USA
good old boys taking my money
and then letting me move along. (goggle it CBC)

The Habs on paper have a fucking great team
I hope as usual I will not have to take that paper
roll it up
and smoke it
as a joint
to medically
alleviate my misery.

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