Friday, 26 September 2014

Al Queda was not radical enough to remain a brand

Tora Bora and Osama living in luxury in the be best part of Pakistani. These were problems just to big to ignore. So someone somewhere decided the best case was for Osama to die like Entebbe. For sure they did it in a confusing way.
No one can say Osama is dead or even existed in that life. Maybe he was the son that was chosen for a dark fight.

I have traveled this world on a business class ticket. Yet I felt the pain deeply of all the citizens who in this world would not have the slightest chance to depart a jet let alone a donkey convoy.

Holy Fuck Batmann our world is a fucked up place.
Tell me its not all nepotism when we 
get all backed up. The traffic does not move
But those at the top do not drive
and travailing around in a limo
is like a living room
and if there is a delay
they can spew out
some platitudes to make
you and me feel
this system is okay.

I am really fucking pissed off
I have seen the third world up close
all those motherfucker would
beat out the first worlders
in a McDonald post
or being a cop 
or saving someones life
as a EMT

The fact is our jobs
are mostly bullshit
we never wanted to behave this way
Yes Facebook is all high school
and that is why we are now
under duress
the idiots from high school
never had to mature
in the natural way
they got good jobs
and seniority

Look I am not trying to say
being intelligent and well bred
is a sin
and we should be so suspicious
of someone
who carries a toolbox
full of sin

The problem is an its very real
If you think I am exaggerating
ask Marie Antoine
a pretty little girl
from Austria
who did not 
have the intelligence
to stop eating cakes
when the populace
was down to the bone

IMHO we are now about
the level
that existed in France.
Cue this up on your
threat map
They had no race
upon which
could cause grief.

Class divisions
Arm 15
races in conflict
Muslims who 
seem not to breathe

This is a clusterfuck
ready to explode
and who can stop the rain
its going to go off
money is the fuel 
for our pain.

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