Friday, 9 May 2014

Steve in Springtime

Steve in springtime. Every mammal wishes they where snakes that could just shed their skin, and be their magnificent self. Thinking aboot all the things we have done is the worse part of being a human drone. Spring is a renewal for everyone who has the opportunity to experience the Gods dishwasher effect. If you look at human history its pretty clear that those who were forced to renew prevailed. So should we sell some time in the Artic to the Chinese? You can go on living in a paradise without a care or join the rapidly changing world where everyone must renew all the time, fast forward on working because if you are not a master, you got a dime. We got so many dimes in our world and unfortunately they do not add up to a dollar, but thank the Gods when we do not want to live that shise we got a helicopter.

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