Monday, 5 May 2014

Run when you see the flags of facists

They put me away for having six plants
but the fact of the matter is
I been in Jail for a long time
I was a wild young man
and I did many a deadly dance
but when the band stopped playing
I was alive, I was alive and my life had some meaning
Know I am more at home with the native people
You give me this shise to live in and call life
while you live the high life at the temple
God does not know your bar code
but to be a citizen of land
that reaps rewards from climate change
should make all those that
push this forward
There was a time when to be a Canadian
filled ones sole with pride
we could walk the street 
of any nation
and all the bad guys
would see our flag and hide.

Harper said no we must be assholes
and if there is to be a buttfucking
we may not have the cock
but if we can make
some lubricant from seals
it should count for something.

Fear the collapse and fear it now
this life we are living is done
all the condos and pissants 
who made this run
will be running the bulls
come labour day.

A long time ago 
people came to this land
it was voluntary because at home
no homestand.
We are going right back there
we will need all our resources
but most importantly 
scientific sources 
to scurvies
the Harper ifectious.


  1. "Land that reaps rewards from climate change" Can I guess you are talking about that nonsense that carbon dioxide rise is going to make us fry ? Heads up : it is a scam to make forests and jungles reservoirs of 'carbon sequestration', placing a price on nature ( one which makes no sense ) for corporations to buy it. That means the 'natives' are pooched and their property rights set aside to deal with a 'planetary emergency.' The only emergency is that people will buy into anything, no matter how ridiculous. They want to tax the use of fire !

  2. opit we share the same values but on climate change one of us is wrong. If the plants were scooping up all the extra PPM of CO2 how do you explain the exponential rise in this gas in our present day atmosphere?