Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kingslayer Hockey Editon

For those of you not in the know.  The NHL playoffs are the World Cup and more of hockey. Right now the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers are in a deathmatch. It was game five and Montreal only needed on more blow to bow out. The New York Rangers had moved through the sludge of battle with a King. King Henry a Vezina candidate had made most enemies totally frustrate.

Faced with sudden death all warriors pay attention. We see over and over again why sudden death does not produce the greatest politicians. In hockey and other sports it defines the athlete. In the playoffs many people who were stars when nothing really matters become invisible and their contracts are like your cell bill

Facing elimination, it might as well for those that care be just short of facing death. It is in these moments social scientist can discern what can humans produce and why do some not compete when its all game. Its an art not a science for now, and every year when a team meet Stalingrad many members become Trotskyites, but for the teams that win Stalin strength was in their DNA bin.

Why are there no more protest songs on the radio. I grew up with OHIO.  So I ask again why are there no songs to recognize our hockey heros? I write below one, for sure its a compromise. Its called Kingslayer and GOT rules.

​Creation of Joel Digiacomo

And they will sing songs about that
well that does not happen any more
and I wonder why
but I am sure it has something to do
with I spy

Dec 10 nineteen eighteen last century
Rene Borque was born in Edmonton
His birthright French
his birth province a cultural dessert

He was not drafted
no one could know
that twenty years later
he would score historical goals

So lets sing the song of the Kingslayer
the man who chased King Henry from the net
before he had time to waste his eight brunette.

Rangers fans are aghast no one kills the king
Kingslayer will be on your epitaph
and you will never wear a cup ring.

Habs fans say quelle difference
Your big man was fat and bloated
probably hunting boar and crazy
when Rene did a natural thing

He always knew the Kingsguard
was for fools
I protect this idiot
who makes the planet low rent?

So clever was his strategy
he refused to score in the per playoff preliminary
Sure he got nine goals
but they were forced upon him
and he could not keep his sword sharp
if he deflected surety.

Kingslayer scores three goals and he could have had five
the replays don't lie and that what makes our legends live
No bull No spin in an elimination game on the biggest stage
ever constructed the Kingslayer
wound up and his spring
was felt by green energy
and every place
some disturbance in the force is felt
Mostly these days the force is weakened
by poor practioners
Rene Kingsguards man
pointed out there is a new
there is redemption
never give up on what is good.
His coaches his teammates and his parents
always knew he would succeed as he should

Rene Kingslayer
Slew King Herney
In an unfeaidley neighborhood
Now he a knight
If you play the  Montreal Canadiens
my best advice is
take flight

take flight back to leafland
where nothing fly's
take flight to the west coast
where players go
cause they cant play hockey
at the center of the universe
and after a bad spell
I tell you hockey
has come back to Canada
and there is only one team
only one team
only one tea,
that wears the colours
and more than that
speaks to the people
about more than subdivision
we speak of sport
we know that elan
was more than a great snowmobile
we harness that energy and pride
sincerely believing every player
taking the ice is not  a mercenary
no they are someone unpaid
on our side.

Kingslayer came from nowhere
to slay the king
He did not hate the man
he only sought a ring
Kingslayer know everything
It was late in hockey life
he found his spring
and a grateful nation

know his blessing.

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