Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spending our Money like bees harvesting honey

(steve at Newton)
Alison Redford retired yesterday
she was a women
who fought battles
with men
and when the writ was dropped
she rose the top.
So revealing what came then
she thought she was Bill Gates
or Larry Ellison
because on her personal spending
she opened the floodgates/
We want good people in goverment
this is the system established very
well in Singapore
where their goverment and governance
leaves every other looking
like clown throwing coins
down a wishing well.

Everybody knows
Knowledge flows
and Singapore is
on the GPS
but we resit
Lee Quan Yew
because he puts his nation
and just after that repose
says hey I will cash in somewhat
but it should be considered in balance
I made this country
and I should have some legacy
except for fame.

Good Government is there if you want it.
Take a look at Singapore and even the
politically tainted Hong Kong
This is some kind of advanced culture
where goverment must satisfy the citizens
down to the last dime.
You want to take a pee
in the Far East plaza
have a dime, and if you want
to do number two it will
be twenty cents for that crime.

Someone said you can judge a civilization
buy the state of their public toilets
Singapore embraced that sentiment big time

So in summary
what do we want to live
in life infarry
talking about social justice endlessly
looking at how funds are allocated
or making living
less of a mystery
its all about the inputs
and outputs
and keeping the tribe
on the right trajectory.
Yes we will always have
useless citizens
that is pareto's law
and it will not be repealed
until every citizen sees
communism as a far way
to put their effort
into the great heave.

You can talk about
and you can do
and in Singapore
the truth is lying
in the streets
covered with smart do.
(Steve Harper makes Lee Quan Yew look like a communist, he is just that right stupid)

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