Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ruled by the Sky God

Human beings are different. We know we share a ton of DNA with worms, flowers and monkeys. In fact everything including rocks can be found by science to be part of what makes us functional. This is science, this is test and test and publish where jealous scientists from every corner of the world will try and defeat your thesis for reasons both altruistic and criminal. Outcomes and accusations can be proven by experiment and study. For sure what was true yesterday in science may be ecplisped by secrets revealed by formal facts today. Some ideas die hard and others are the foundation of tomorrow.

Science has an inherit discipline. A standard of proof that must be met before making some decision based upon a theory. This standard like ever other human scale can be played. Pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy and GMO foods are the most obvious examples of science lacking humanity. All three are important understandings of how our world works. The problem is taking understanding and implementing it into society as as a well documented leap of faith.

Mathematics is the language of God and trying to speak it has a unappreciated learning curve. This spaceship we inhabit has had billions of years to form itself into our world. Humans have been on the surface for a nano second, yet we now feel qualified to transform this world to meet our childish specifications.

You do not need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. If your neighbor is pooping on your law, would you not be offended. We all drink the same water and breathe the same air, so its rich for a special interest to say we can not take that conversation there. We had slavery for hundreds of years, and the smart people said it gives us food to prepare. We had a thousand stupid things we used to believe and worship proven not true, Anglo Saxon witch doctors calling Bombay high on Gin and unfortunately forming the world we are in.

Those on the bad side of this hangover know, religion is just
one more way to keep the apprentice on the ground floor.
If I give you something for what you believe
is that not mental prostitution
waiting for a soul
to deceive.

Maybe I should introduce myself
I grew up in Canada
I was a child like every other
except the Hungarian Revolution
was my unborn brother
I have been smart and stupid
and I have experienced great loss
But most of all I have felt love
Love so hard you could print
it in 3D
and I imagine at some time
the goverment will take that
from me.

Well Well Well
I heard Horatio say
we live on a fragile plant
and some son of bitch
as got wealthy trashing it
Its murder on a mass
scale and I love to
prosecute the whale.

Not a chance
I am going to move
my ass in some
ritual sky dance
those that believe
in the Sky God
always want to 
reveal the truth 
through dance

No facts
no carbon dating
can erase
the facts their parents
wove into their
experience as part of the
human race

I was never there
my parents took me to Sunday
but when I got kicked out
for wondering why
Jesus did not invent
the snowmobile
they did not fold
they did not say
if Jesus was here
he would explain
your disbelief

They quit going to church
on the advice of
a five year old.
That hurt them big time
but they never backed down
and in the end found more fans
than the true believers could abuse.

So I say to the world grow up
There is no Santa clause
no tooth fairy
and no Jesus
its all code
in a well
understood program
to deceive.
Those who mock the witch doctor
should get off the phone
with their K street consultants
walk outside
look at their surroundings
and for once in their adult lives
I want to kill the juce
just because there is so much sugar content
In this world there are many others
who want to stamp them down for
being successful
We are so ethnocentric
most do not realize
what happens in Asia
makes the Jews
look like Protestants
lined up in oaken pews.

The Jews succeed because they were
better than the rest.
Could Hitler have stopped them
through legal leglestation
well history proves
this was not an option
close to his vest.

In our world
our snail snow globe
we are always shaken up
but how do those snowflacks fall
Humans are simple animals and
easily satisfied. A full belly and a beautiful bride.
We do not want to be at eternal war with our neighbor
Modern politics invented by Himmler work on your
Not from my tribe and he got the promotion?


  1. thanks 29, for reasons beyond my understanding I am free to say something. I realize its like a reverse SETI stream. But it felt good to me.