Saturday, 8 March 2014

Quebec as a country

Amid all the shouting idots and regal progressions there is some willing desire of all people to fly the flag. Its so easy an appeal, these guys are making economic violence on your downtrodden lives. Its exactly the appeal that moved Germany into such a violent appeal for respect. How can respect a Quebecois, should I drop my pants and say there you go at length will not measure up to the manhood of the Quebec measure of dick length based upon the phase of stimulation.. Oh fuck I am a minority on a contient that has not got over slavery. Please tell me you are not shirly serious about this play. I am not a stupid man or one that has any evidence of being smart. Yet I think. Quebec separation is a prepper play in a world those guys never even thought about and realistically is unlikely to go that way. Yet they use prepper politics to move forward.  To Quebecs credit they are highlight the lack of culture in the rest of Canada's plans. So we have low taxes and our industry creates both jobs and enough emission to give a job to everyone on the Antarctic when our actions make it solid ground.

Really whats in it for me. Unfortunately most politics is not local its individual. What is worse modern tech has made you an open book. The powers that be can take you profile and move your vote to exactly where they want it to be. Free will was a twentieth century accessory.

We need some sanctuary from the treaties that make us 
workers for the Ologictary. Diversity is what made
us survive. A one world would be great if we could
can Lee Quan Yew and just adjust his ability to survive.

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