Monday, 10 March 2014

I am a protest singer singing a protest song

There was a time when that was true
but the Illuminati who lag a generation behind
knowing what the public see as true
missed the sixties
by a country mile
and they mad up
for that double
time with disco
and today
they feed us
like we are a brian
dead population
only thinking about
sex and fashion
but I have to say
the general population
do not disappoint
no on realieze freedom
is the last app
that will ever go online.

I represent come on girlfriend
and all the trust that comes with it.
What is really wrong with this
world and the call to arms
for not leaving the house
without a nineteen round glock
in what in the world
enginneres of safety
would say
in our extenimve study
this was a safe neighourhood.
Some guy is going to grab you
some guy is going to rape
your wife
they are going to make
a gretst profit selling
your life pocession
under a anyomuse call
under E bay
renovate for life.

No matter what side of the duck
the rain penarates
what makes me crazy
is how wet I am
and being historlicaly
drym or wet, or cold
scientifc disussion of this dilemana is used as a weapon
to leave scinece as useful as the bible
when we want to leave
people at least bold
and not over funded
with seawater

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