Thursday, 6 February 2014

We have the money to do this now

the lottery knows no numbers
no meaning to the prize'
it is just a statically anomaly
brining joy to some family tribe
Looking down deep
its a government solution
to government mission creep
We all love to dream
and I suggest its
just human nature
that the richest billionaire
is frustrated because he can
not be in a first somewhere

So all these bored people
without enough chlorine
in their pool
must decide
what is more pretty
living well served
or living in an organic
block of getting along/

Imagine a scocity were you
did not have to fight
even if your house 
was more better than
the one on the right

The problem is we all are little Caesar
and when we reach that height
we must destroy all hope 
of any citizens 
who would 
have an alternative view
without challining 
your might.
It seems and this 
is a theme 
we live over and over again
that men are stupid
they will not acknowledge
what they did right
but die on a cross of
self inflicted might.

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