Friday, 21 February 2014

Understand the value of the Olympics cost curve

I have a great idea, yes I do, not only one, enough to transform the planet and make every one happy. So why is the planet not healthy and why am I blue?

Is the Question my message or the ability to please. Now in fairness to the children I would not expect you to decode the fact that your basic programming was hacked. Almost every child loves its parent and when indoctrinated correctly will kill themselves before seeing those parents ripped asunder by the wild.

So believe me children and I am not the only one. You can love your parents but laugh at the folly they followed that made them worship some chosen one. In every religion in every family a vow of obedience in the entree to eternity. Come on now people we the majority now believe more. Silly superstitions you can leave them at the door. Sure they will persist like astrology which by the way ever religion that I know would reject as blasphemy.

We smart monkeys are staring at immortality,  Do not be fooled its coming fast, so will I one day be a God to a human that was born after a thousand years of my past?

What will this child ask me given my experience. I expect what weed to grow on thier narrow garden fence. A fence out of blade runner and the fifth element. You do not have to be Arthur C Clarke to predict the future of living is best experienced right now in Hong Kong. You will not like it unless you are a senior member of a big hong,  If you are really upset and want to smash your face upon the concete you could hire Jackie Chans monolith to keep you from harm/

There are some people who belive in slavery. They are the same people who did not belive as a five year old you could find a way
to play in a significant way
for the New York Rangers
on Broadway/

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